about me

I am a software developer based in the Philippines.

I am a core team member for the PureScript programming language, having worked on a number of features and bug fixes.

I am currently working on the purescript-analyzer project to help improve editor integration for the language.

I am mostly self-taught, and I teach myself whatever topic interests me. As of late, I've been learning about incremental compilers and I've also looked into (ordered by recency):

  • neural networks
  • shader programming
  • game development
  • functional reactive programming
  • audio programming
  • recursion schemes and stack safety
  • backend development

this site

This site is built in GNU Emacs, written in Org Mode, organized using Org Roam, and generated using a derived export backend for Org. An objective that I've set for this site is to minimize the use of JavaScript running on the frontend where practical.

contact me

I am on the following platforms:

I can be reached best through email:

  • purefunctor at gmail.com
  • purefunctor at pm.me

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