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about me

Hello, my name is Justin and I'm a self-taught functional programmer from the Philippines.

I started teaching myself programming through JavaScript and Python on an Android tablet way back in 2014~2016. I took a break for a couple years, and after a few months of a refresh, I started teaching myself Haskell. Since then I've taught myself a handful more languages and I've practiced them by contributing to, and building my own open-source projects.

I'm very passionate about functional programming languages and their implementation. Likewise, I'm able to effectively teach myself things that I find interesting whether that would be compiler development, designing DSPs, building a raytracer, tweaking Emacs, and so on…

I'm currently a core team member for the PureScript programming language, and I'm currently spending my time tinkering with its type system and more recently, a Chez Scheme Backend.

I'm also open for career opportunities! Feel free to contact me through my email below.

this site

This site is built in GNU Emacs using Org Mode and Org Roam. I wrote a custom export workflow which allows me to utilize these tools to build a minimal website. One objective that I have for this website is to minimize the use of JavaScript on the frontend as much as possible.

find me

I am on the following platforms:

  1. GitHub
  2. Twitter
  3. Mastodon

You can contact me through email:

purefunctor at gmail.com

and you can find me on discord:

through the PureScript server

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